How to Dropship Clothing

Everybody needs to buy clothes, and with the boom in internet shopping over the last few years, more and more people are buying their clothes online. So if you’re looking to start dropshipping, and trying to choose a market, you might think that selling dropship clothing would be a great way to develop a profitable business. While there’s no doubt there is a lot of potential in the clothing market, there are also a lot of pitfalls, and competition. Here are some of the things you need to consider if you want your dropship clothing business to be a success.

What kind of clothing to dropship?

Clothing is a huge market, made up of lots of different sub-markets. If you try and be all things to all men, you will quickly come unstuck. What you need to do is focus on a particular category of clothing, and develop a dropshipping business around that. There are plenty of these categories to choose from – children’s clothing, designer clothing, women’s branded clothing etc… Identifying one profitable niche and concentrating on that, will make it easier to find a good supplier, and also choose the most profitable sales channel.

Where to source products

Where to find the best suppliers will depend on the type of clothing you are planning to sell. Dropship suppliers in the US could provide you with a good range of unbranded and branded clothing for men, women and children. But if you are looking for designer clothing, you’ll find a lot of suppliers in Asia and the Far East who claim to be able to offer ‘genuine’ designer apparel.

If you’re not selling branded or designer clothes, you’ll have a lot more scope when choosing your dropship supplier, as there is very little chance of you being scammed with fake, low-quality goods. So you might be able to use cheaper, foreign suppliers, although you will probably find it is much easier to find a suitable dropshipping company in your own country. That way you don’t have to worry about import tax and excise duty on what will typically be low-value items.

If you’ve decided you want to sell branded or designer clothes, the best advice we can give, would be to stick to reputable suppliers you find through leading directories which have plenty of clothing suppliers, like SaleHoo, eSources and Worldwide Brands. They will have verified each of their suppliers so, while you might not get prices as cheap as those you can find elsewhere, at least you can be confident you are getting genuine items – which is all the more important for your business reputation when you’re dropshipping, as the products are going straight to your customers.

Where to sell products

Again, this will probably be decided by the type of clothing you’re going to sell. Low value, un-branded items will probably sell pretty well on eBay, and possibly on Amazon as well. You could even set up your own website, or use one of the free ecommerce offerings like Weebly or eCrater.

If you want to sell branded and designer clothes, you really need to consider the alternatives to eBay. Buyers on the world’s largest auction site have become increasingly skeptical of designer and branded clothing items, which could affect the success of your listings. Even sellers with great feedback offering genuine products could find that, with most eBayers interested just in the lowest price, their products get de-valued and any sales they do get will usually mean less profit. Amazon has a lot more credibility with buyers when it comes to these higher-value items, and is a much better alternative. However, if you really want to maximise the profit from top brand names and designer labels, you should really think about setting up your own website.

Selling dropship clothing can be a profitable business if you get the basics right. Focus on a particular niche, develop relationships with good reliable suppliers, and make sure you are use the most appropriate sales channel to market your products.