How to Dropship Jewelry

Jewelry is one online market that has really developed in recent years, and provides a great opportunity for all those who want to dropship jewelry items. While it might not stand out as one of the top dropshipping opportunities, with plenty of customers, and healthy margins on a huge range of different types of jewelry, sellers are finding that there’s lots of profit potential. However, if you want to be successful, there’s a few things you need to know about sourcing and selling your dropship jewelry items.

Where to source products

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for dropship jewelry products, you have a number of choices. Countries like India, Pakistan, Thailand and China manufacture a lot of jewelry products, and there are dropshipping companies in those countries who will be able to provide you with products to sell.

You can gain access to many of these directly, which could be a bit of a risk, and you’d need to thoroughly check out any new supplier. Alternatively, you could try and source a dropshipping company through the major dropship directories like SaleHoo, which would reduce some of the risk. Even so, shipping items from these countries directly to your customer could result in your buyer becoming liable for customs duty on the item they’ve bought, and even if you made them aware of this and they were happy with the situation, what happens if there is a problem with the item and the customer needs to return it? These sorts of issues aren’t unique to dropshipping jewelry, but it is the sort of product that could be more susceptible to problems with quality.

You’re probably better choosing suppliers that are a little closer to home, at least until you get some more experience with dropship jewelry items. You should be able to find plenty of dropshipping companies in your own country, which means you won’t have any issues with import taxes and customs duty, and it should also make it easier to check out a new supplier, if you’re not using one of the dropshipping directories. A search on the internet, or spending a bit of time on the Dropship Forum should help you find a number of suppliers to contact. However you decide to source your supplier, you should always make a test purchase to verify the quality of the product and their service.

Where to sell products

While you can sell pretty much most dropship products on eBay, there are a number of exceptions, and jewelry would appear to be one of them. This is as much to do with buyers perception of eBay, as well as the reality for the seller.

Because a lot of buyers view eBay as the place to go if they are looking for something at the lowest possible price, items that aren’t well-known branded products can be viewed as cheap and low value. This makes it difficult for some dropshippers to sell non-branded high-value items, and jewelry is a really good example this.

If you’re looking to sell dropship jewelry products, especially if you’re selling higher value items, you should look at the alternatives to eBay. The best place to market this type of product would probably be on your own website, or one of the ecommerce sites you can set up with the likes of eCrater and Amazon Webstore. If you don’t have your own site, or don’t want to have to set one up just yet, the Amazon Marketplace has more credibility with buyers when it comes to higher priced and specialist items like jewelry.