How to Dropship Pet Supplies

If there’s one thing people tend to be passionate about, it’s their pets. In the USA, millions of dollars are spent every year on the dogs, cats and other animals, which means selling dropship pet supplies could be a very profitable business indeed. As well as all the essentials these animals need, there are all sorts of toys, accessories and treats their owners buy for them, which means that there is a wide range of products you can sell into this very popular market.

Where to source products

Depending on what kind of dropship pet supplies you want to sell, you should be able to find a suitable dropshipping supplier without two much trouble. Specialising in a particular area of the pet market will probably help focus your search – whether that be a particular type of product, like pet toys, or a wide range of products for a certain type of pet, e.g. dog, cat, horse etc… While there are lots of manufacturers of generic pet supplies and accessories out in the Far East, there are also plenty of manufacturers in the UK, Europe, and North America. This means that the dropshippers you can find in your own country will probably be able to supply you with good quality products at competitive prices, and without too much fuss.

For this reason, you might decide to approach some of the main companies offering dropship pet supplies directly, and try and negotiate your own prices and terms. Alternatively, if you want to make sure you’re working with reliable dropshipping suppliers who can still offer the products you want at decent prices, the main dropshipping directories like eSources and Worldwide Brands, have plenty of potential businesses you could work with.

Where to sell products

The best way to sell your dropship pet supplies will probably depend on what type of products you’ve decided to market. For example, if you are selling low value toys and accessories for a range of pets, eBay could be the best place to sell the kind of volumes you will need to move in order to make a good profit. If you’ve decided to concentrate on a particular type of pet, the quickest way to building a profitable business, will be to become recognized as the specialist in that particular market.

While it might be possible to build a reputation as a specialist on eBay, buyers might not appreciate the added-value this will offer them as much as low prices, so choosing another sales channel will probably be more profitable. A good option would be to try and sell your products on Amazon’s market place, where customers appreciate sellers who understand what they want and have all the products they need.

An even better way of developing your reputation as the seller to trust for all your customers pet needs, would be to have your own website. This is a great idea for a couple of reasons. First of all, it helps you establish a brand for your business, but more importantly, pet owners are repeat buyers – so getting repeat purchase on a website you own and control will mean more profit than paying fees over and over again to sell on Amazon and eBay.

People love their pets, and they spend a lot of money looking after them. So if you find the right supplier for your dropship pet products, and develop your market using the most appropriate sales channel, you could find you got a very successful dropshipping business in this lucrative market.