How to Dropship Toys

Developing a successful dropshipping business is all about choosing the right market, and one that’s always been popular is toys – which could mean plenty of profit potential for online sellers who decide to dropship toys. Whether it’s the latest must-have Christmas present, or the more traditional offerings that have been around for years, toys are big business – at any time of the year.

If you are looking to start selling dropship toys, the first decision you need to make is what kind of toys are you going to sell. Will they be popular brand names that everyone knows and buys, even though they might be hard to source? Or will you stick to the generic products that are offered by plenty of suppliers, but typically sell for less – which might mean lower margins? It’s important you figure this out so your dropshipping business has some focus, and you can make sure you choose the most effective sales channel for the products you’re going to sell. So here’s a little more useful information.

Where to source products

The vast majority of toys sold in the West today are actually manufactured in the Far East – this is true for the branded children’s favourites, as well as the cheaper, generic ones. While you will be able to find plenty of suppliers who can provide you with dropship toys at competitive prices, dealing with them direct means there is always a risk of getting low quality products, or even fakes, if you’re selling branded toys. Even with the reduced risk associated with ordering non-branded toys form the Far East, you still have all the issues of dealing with import taxes and excise duty.

If you want to find reliable dropship suppliers close to the manufacturers in the Far East, you should really be using reputable directories like SaleHoo, and you might even find some wholesalers prepared to offer dropshipping on sites like Alibaba. Or you could stick to dropshippers in your own country, or more reliable countries like the US. There’s always plenty of choice and, while the margins might be a little smaller, they’re much easier to source directly, with less risk of any problems. Alternatively, you can use some of the more reputable directories that deal with suppliers in your country, like Worldwide Brands and eSources.

Where to sell products

In the most part, eBay would probably be as good a place as any to sell dropship toys, however, the usual considerations apply. Selling on the world’s biggest market place can mean a lot more competition, and buyers who are only interested in the lowest price. If you can source good quality products at competitive prices, and list them well, you could make a good profit from dropship toys if you’re selling a decent volume.

Nevertheless, with lower fees and buyers who tend to appreciate value a bit more, choosing an alternative selling channel like Amazon’s marketplace, might be a better way to increase your margins, especially if you’re selling branded items. If you’ve got the supply side organised, it’s probably worth trying a eBay and Amazon and comparing which gives you the most profitable results – you might even want to think about creating your own website, as an additional sales channel.