Tips on Starting a Drop ship Business

Starting a drop ship business can be a great home business venture for you. You can sell products that you don’t have to store in your house. If you have a hard time picturing this out, then how about this one: Set your retail price for your customers and every time you sell; you have your wholesaler shipping the product to your customer’s door for you and all this in your name plus you get to keep the profit. You’ll ask me “can that be possible?” I tell yes it is, and that is the beauty of drop ship business. So let’s get started.

Drop shipping advantages

For people who want to start a home business, the greatest challenge would be where to find products for them to sell. Now if you want to do such business, and you don’t have a thousand dollars to invest` and buy products, let alone where to store, and you want to avoid the stiff competition or multi-level business then drop shipping is the business for you.

Here are the advantages of drop shipping that will interest you: No more headaches for storage or warehousing, the hassles of packaging and shipping, no need for you to do some inventory for your limited financial resources. There are other advantages as well such as: you don’t have to worry for leftovers, change or add products as easy as changing Facebook’s profile photo, and you can virtually and technically sell whatever products you want to sell.

Drop shipping disadvantages


Just like any other businesses, drop shipping has its fair share of wolves in a sheep skin. Drop shipping may be a simple business, but it’s about finding a reliable drop shipper that can be a problem. There are scam companies on a hunt, ready to snatch away your sweat and tears earned money, or the profits you got from your hard work. The most common scam in action is simply taking your money and disappears.

Back ordering

Another problem with drop shipping is back ordering. Back ordering is a big concern in drop shipping business, especially when you’re dealing with hot items. If you’re selling products quickly and easily like selling tickets for Pacquiao vs, Mayweather showdown (hypothetical), chances are you’re not alone selling it like hot cakes too. When this happens, the product you’ve been selling runs out of stock and you have to arduously wait for the next shipment while your customers are pulling their hairs for their orders.

Bottom line is can you make money with drop shipping?

To get the long story short, the answer is yes and no. It will work if you apply common sense, good old principles of service, knowledge and a hefty dose of wisdom. I’ll tell you one thing though, some power sellers and internet marketers operate on drop shipping and making a fortune out of it. So starting a drop ship business may have its shares of ups and downs but once you overcome the hurdles, expect success to be on your side and you’ll be a millionaire in just a matter of time.